The Details
My name is Dillon Lawrence. I am a graphic designer who grew up in Boise, Idaho, but now call Portland, Oregon my home. I sweat the subtle details, enjoy work with a sense of humor, and I’m passionate about smart design solutions and thought-provoking brand experiences.

When I'm not pushing pixels you can find me enjoying the outdoors, heads down with a good book, or munching on a bag of Skittles. I'm currently available for freelance employment opportunities, as well as coffee, lunch, and beer get togethers.  *Download my resume. 


2017 – Contract Designer – Jolby & Friends

2016 – Designer – AKQA
2015 – Experience Designer – Sincerely Truman
2014 – Junior Designer – Sincerely Truman
2013 – Design Intern – Sincerely Truman
2013 – Design Intern – Hovercraft Studio

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